About us

We are producers of artisan bread since 1958.


Every day we make at least 50 fresh bread products, distributing it throughout the region.


We were the forerunners of the "home-cooked bread of Camaldoli".


Our Grandma Carmela was the initiator of this activity and we represent the third generation.


Over time the company has improved and specialized, but always staying loyal the initial recipe and therefore maintaining the craftsmanship of the products and making quality our corporate prerogative.


The home-cooked bread of Camaldoli has received an honor from the institutions for several years, being included among the typical products of the Campania region, appearing in the list drawn up by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.


We are attentive to the needs of the market and the developments that have taken place in recent years.


So we activated a precooked bread line, split into


- fresh precooked at + 4 °


- pre-cooked frozen at -18 °


The actual news is that we are masters of a precooked "artisanal bread",


differentiating ourselves from our competitors.







Il Vostro Fornaio S.p.A.

Via Marano-Pianura, 248 bis

80016 Marano di Napoli (NA)

Codice Fiscale e Partita Iva 05030830631